About Us

At Shooting High we love to fly and see the world, your world from an airborne perspective.

We are based in North Wiltshire, just on the edge of the Cotswolds. Shooting High comprises a team composed of a pilot and a small group of talented photographers and videographers who can remotely operate the airborne camera to compose beautiful images for you.

We love to work in partnership with independent photographers and videographers. If you have a project in mind for a client which would benefit from including aerial footage then we like nothing better than to work with you, in fact under your direction, to deliver what you need. Think of Shooting High as offering you a 400 ft high jib with a skilled operator.

Andrew Bailey, the founder of Shooting High has been flying for over 30 years. Full size fixed wing and helicopters and almost every sort of remotely controlled aircraft. Remotely piloted multi-rotor aircraft are a fantastic platform for taking photos and video. Andrew is fully BNUC-S qualified. This is the qualification demanded by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for operating a remotely controlled unmanned aircraft commercially.

Robert Smith has been a commercial photographer for over 15 years and has lots of experience of aerial photography and actually being in the air, albeit briefly as a skydiving instructor. Rob has worked with several major brands and specialises in photography in difficult and/or extreme locations. Rob’s web site is robertsmithphotography.co.uk

Owen Benson is a very talented film maker and photographer. Owen works a lot with the creative industry in theatre, music and film. Owen’s web site is owenbensonvisuals.com



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