Aerial Surveys & Mapping

3D survey model generated from
There have been very rapid advances in the technology used to represent land and buildings at the level of precision needed to enable virtual surveying. In the past the only techniques available to surveyors have been to use imagery from satellites, images or LIDAR scanning from light aircraft or on the ground. Each of these approaches have disadvantages. Using satellites yields relatively low resolution and cannot be done when there is cloud cover. Light aircraft based surveys are very expensive and the resolutions is not always high enough. Ground based surveying takes man power and time. It also requires unrestricted access and a safe environment for the surveyors; inaccessible or dangerous sites are often impossible to survey from the ground.

Using either multirotor or fixed wing drones it is possible to survey quickly and relatively inexpensively. Resolutions of 3-5cm per pixel are normal and the data can be ortho rectified by using ground control points. Drone based surveying fills the gap between ground based and light aircraft based surveying.

Many Geomatic Surveyors would love to take advantage of this new technology to deliver an improved and better value service to their clients. However, there are obstacles for them to overcome; they have to acquire and be trained how to operate the drones and they have to gain special permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority to operate. This involves operating staff attending training, taking written and flight tests and developing a full operations manual. This may be justified for some organisations, but for most it represents too big a commitment until and unless the market for providing these services is proven.

Digital Elevation Model

Shooting High offers an outsourced solution to Geomatic Surveyors. We can conduct the aerial survey and either let you have the base data (images and GPS position, altitude and attitude data) or we can process the data for you and deliver accurate geo-spatial mapping generated from the 2D aerial imagery as a high resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM), a Digital Surface Model (DSM), Orthomosaic or Point Cloud for 3D viewing and manipulation.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We would be pleased to work as your partners to deliver this service to your clients.

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