Shooting High took advantage of the wonderful early morning sun today to send its hexacopter high above Clifton High School to take photos and some video footage. The School has been using a very old non-digital aerial photo for their prospectus and web site and the site has changed enough in recent years so it was time to take some new photos from on high.

The only surprise of the morning was that the resident seagulls, probably with chicks in their nests, decided that the hex was a threat and repeatedly flew at it making the most awful noise. Our apologies to local residents who must have been disturbed by the din these birds kicked up.

Our camera operator, Owen Benson of Benson Visuals was able to compose pictures alongside Anna from the school using the live link and remote camera control. Pin sharp pictures are possible from the hovering hex and both vertical and oblique pictures are stunning. The video footage will be included in a promotional video which is being worked on at the moment.


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