There are a huge number of potential applications for low level aerial photography and video. We have listed some of the more established applications here, but there are many many more. Almost every day people are using their imagination to come up with new ideas.

Media and Creative
Commercial photographers
Video production companies
TV production companies
Documentary makers
Advertising agencies

Construction and Real Estate
Residential or commercial property sales
Construction site progress reports
Building inspections – chimneys, roofing, towers, masts etc.
Structural surveys
Site surveys
Boundary disputes
Historic buildings and monuments
Insurance assessments

Leisure and Sporting
Motorsport and track days
Corporate events
Equestrian events
Sporting events
Concerts & Festivals
Competitive events
Water based events, boating, skiing etc.
Stadiums and other sproting venues

Other applications
Agriculture – land surveys, crop monitoring
Boating, marinas etc.
Public utilities – physical asset inspections, land surveys etc.
Infrared imaging for industry and agriculture


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