Drone Operator Training

ground crewIf you are thinking of operating a multirotor, whether commercially or just for fun, we can give you training and practical assistance. We will configure the training to your specific needs. Training can cover the following areas:

1. Specification of your multirotor and gimbal/camera based on intended missions
2. Understanding the multirotor systems, flight controller, power system, radio, GPS etc. etc.
3. Building, configuring and testing your multirotor to ensure safe and reliable operation
4. Setting up a suitable camera gimbal and camera for the best results
5. Specification of ground station with live video streaming
6. Flight training, including effective techniques for both one and two man operation

The full training programme covering everything outlined above takes three days.

This training programme provides an excellent foundation to those intending to gain a RPA-s or BNUC-S qualification and CAA Permissions to allow commercial operation.

Training can take place in Wiltshire or at a location to suit you if you are prepared to cover travel and any accommodation expenses. Our fees are £250 per day per person, with discounts for more than one person. A full three days of training would be charged at £650 per person, again with discounts for more than one person.

If you would like to discuss training options please call Nick on 07958 257893.

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